Gabriel + Simone

Elwood Clear


Here is the Elwood Clear- Your style is not boring, your reading glasses should be fun. The Elwood Clear is what happens when you take a lightweight reader with a classic frame shape and make it out of translucent, light weight plastic. What do you get? You get these fun, cool Elwood Clear readers. It’s a style that we think you will love, more so because the blue light lenses we use help filter out the blue light from phone, computer, and tablet screens. The lenses are ultra-thin and scratch-impact resistant, so you experience crisp optical clarity while wearing Elwood Clear readers to see and read, whether it’s a book, a computer, a menu or your phone or whatever your day brings you. As with all Gabriel + Simone reading glasses, The Elwood Clear come with a case that has a built-in lens cleaning cloth.

Some other brands don’t include cases or cloths. Weird, right?


  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lens Material: Plastic
  • Lens width: 62mm
  • Bridge: 12mm
  • Arm: 145mm

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